Friday, September 27, 2013

Meet The Family Part 1 - Angel

I'd like you to meet Angel.  Our Angel has been with us since December of 2004.  We adopted her from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue.  We think she was about three at that time.  That makes her a lovely older girl of about 12-13 as of this writing. 

I'm often asked what kind of dog she is.  The best I can offer is Spitz-mix.  I've read that the Spitz breed is somewhat aloof.  Angel is very aloof but there's something more.  She had a rough beginning.  From what her wonderful rescuers told us, Angel was abandoned on a local highway near a Chevron station.  She waited on the median for over a month for her owners to come back for her.  She had to be trapped to get her to safety.  (The first few months Angel lived with us, she used to sneak up on her food.)  Sadly, she's never gotten over her experiences.  Angel and Grandma are very bonded.  But in nine years, she's never fully warmed up to me.  She greets me with kisses every time I come home so I guess it's not a total loss - even if she ignores me five minutes later.

It makes me so angry that people can be so cruel to animals.  If  you don't want a pet, please don't get one.  Animals are not disposable toys.  They feel pain as well as joy.  They have a sense of humor and unfortunately can have a sense of despair.  They look to us for everything and are so grateful for anything.  Their love is a great gift and should be cherished.

 Enough from my soapbox for today.

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