Friday, September 27, 2013

Meet The Family Part 2 - Molly

Molly the Monster

She looks innocent, doesn't she?  Hah!  We adopted Molly from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue in March of 2009.  It's a day I'll never forget.  I should have turned around and taken her back before we even got home from the adopt-a-pet.  She was a wild woman in the car jumping from front seat to back.  When we got home, Molly decided she was going to let us all know who was boss and started humping everyone - including me.  The other dogs were in a total uproar.  No one would have anything to do with Molly the Monster.  That craziness lasted a few weeks until I was finally able to establish that yes, I was indeed the dominant member of this pack.  But Molly was second!  I took her to the vet to see if there were health issues that made her so hyper.  All clear there.  I took her to obedience class.  She was the most well-behaved dog in the class.  I had the canine version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I tried exercise.  It was like trying to walk a fish on the end of a hook.  I gave that up and decided she might like to chase a ball.  Those words should be etched on my tombstone.  Molly the Monster became Molly the Ball Obsessed Monster.  I have never seen such focused, single mindedness in my life.  If you're sitting, you should be throwing.  Laying the ball or toy at your feet isn't the end of it.  She gets vocal about the whole thing.  And once you reach for the ball, watch out.  She tries to grab it first.  The whole thing is really quite crazy.  Established play time has been the best means of keeping Molly under control.  I try to wear her out but it takes a lot!  Bailey has been great for Molly.  For some reason, Molly is very gentle and sweet with Bailey.  They'll play tug-of-war and Molly will just sit there and let Bailey pull away.  I think she even lets Bailey win on occasion.  Rick the Groomer (although he now has the title of K9 Cosmetologist on his business cards) has told me that Molly really is the biggest wimp of the pack.  Can a dog have Napoleonic Syndrome?   With all her bad traits, Molly is quite smart.  Her antics are a marvel that keeps us amazed.  To be perfectly honest, I still wish I had never seen her sweet face in March of 2009.  But I wouldn't trade her for anything now.

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