Friday, September 27, 2013

Meet The Family Part 3 - Bailey

Bailey came to live with us in August of 2009.  We believe she is a poodle / bichon mix that was rescued from a city shelter by Lost Paws Rescue of Texas.  Bless them for that as she surely was a diamond in the rough.  Bailey adds so much joy to our lives.  It kills me when I think that we initially returned her to the rescue. 

I became ill shortly after Bailey arrived.  The care for the five dogs landed on my 80+ year old mother.  She believed the five dogs were too much for her.  The day Angela came to pick Bailey up was awful.  It didn't get better.  As I recovered from my illness, we decided to try and get Bailey back.  The rescue wasn't keen on the idea at first but did finally agree.  My mom and I couldn't wait for the next weekend when we could pick her up.  I can't express enough how happy we are to have her and how grateful we are for every day that she's with us.
What's so special about Bailey?  She loves to sit on your lap then lay her head on your shoulder.  If I ever get a good video of this exchange, I'll post it.  She gets along with every dog in the house - even Molly the Monster.  In fact, they're good friends.  Bailey is one of those dogs who run to you if they know you're upset and just lean up against you to let you know they're there.  Whether it's a quick cuddle or a long play session, Bailey's on the spot.

Bailey has to be testament to the quality of dogs available in city shelters.  She has had no health issues in the four years we've had her.  Why do people buy animals when they could help save a precious life like our Bailey's?

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