Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blog Paw Wordless Wednesday - 27 Nov 2013 - Happy Birthday, Grandma!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday -

Today happens to be my mother's 88th birthday.  She lives with us so Kelly asked to be featured on the blog today as she wishes her grandma a great big Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesay - Spa Day!

Happy Wednesday, All!  I didn't get any good shots of my girls this week - mainly because they were in dire need of a spa day.  Today was the day!  When I dropped them off, this cutie pie was finishing up. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday - A Muffin In The Sun

This is Muffin, my little old Shih Tzu mix.  This is also Muffin highly pi$$ed off that I'm taking her picture.  Ah yes, my little Muffin In The Sun.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Tail of the Homeless - Meet Dixie

I didn't have any great candid moments this week.  But I love this photo of Dixie and wanted to share her for Wordless Wednesday as well.

I'm revisiting Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas for this week's Tuesday's Tail.  Please meet Dixie.

Here's the scoop on Dixie:
Who could resist the wide-eyed sweet face of this pretty girl we call Dixie? At the age of 5 years, 18-pound Dixie was released to MSRNT from a city shelter on the western edge of the metroplex. Dixie is understandably a bit frightened by her experience as a homeless girl in this big old world but is now soaking up lots of TLC to grow her confidence. This sweet, beautiful girl - who appreciates a good belly rub - deserves a second chance for the kind of life that every dog should have. Can you give her the good life she deserves - and a belly rub to boot?
Dixie has a page on here.  If you have a place in your heart and home for Dixie, please submit an adoption application at

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog Paws Worldless Wednesday - 16 Oct 2013


The cooler weather has finally made it's way to Texas.  Several somebodies don't seem to want to leave their nice warm bed!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday's Tail of the Homeless

Welcome to our second edition of Tuesday's Tail of the Homeless.  Meet Tigger from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue in Bedford, Texas.

About Tigger
Tigger is a young (appx 11-18 months old) Boxer mix. He is healthy, up-to-date on shots, microchipped, neutered & Heartworm Negative! He is a sweet, funny & happy boy! You should see his super cute underbite too! He would make a wonderful addition to your family. He gets along well with other dogs & children, not too sure about cats.  Tigger's coat is short and brindle in color.
If you have any further questions, please contact his foster mom, Karen at or contact Homeward Bound at (817) 792-5122.
Tigger is on here.  
Let's find Tigger his forever home!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blog Paws Wednesday - 2 October 2013

I think this photo can be completely wordless - add your own caption!  But I would like to make a shameless plug for my new Tuesday Tail of the Homeless series that I just started yesterday.  If you have a minute, please visit yesterday's post to meet Duke from Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas.

Best Wishes,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday's Tail of the Homeless

I'm starting a new series called "Tuesday's Tail of the Homeless."  Each Tuesday I'll feature a homeless dog from a rescue group.  I know these groups to be reputable.  All of them are non-profit groups that operate through a series of foster homes.  They adopt via their websites or at local adopt-a-pet locations. 

Why adopt from a rescue group?  Some people would rather adopt directly from a shelter thinking it's less expensive or that they're saving a dog in a kill shelter from being euthanized.  I've used these reasons myself.  What I've learned is this:

  o  Every dog you adopt from a rescue group leaves a space for that group to pull another dog from the city shelters.  So you are most definitely saving a life.

  o  I've adopted from a city shelter for as little as $20.  I immediately turned around and spent $200 - $300 for a good grooming, a routine physical exam and shots.  Rescue groups have their dogs vetted with a minimum of routine shots and spay/neuter surgeries if needed.  Many have any health issues treated at their own expense - even dental work.  The adoption fee is often a great deal - and is tax deductible if the group is a 501(c)(3) group.

  o  There's usually little a volunteer can tell you about a dog when you visit a city shelter.  Since rescue dogs have been living in a foster home, its foster parent can share any behavioral issues they've exhibited.  They can probably tell you if the dog gets along with other dogs, cats or kids.  Some are even willing to allow an overnight visit to ensure compatibility with your family.

  o  Volunteers at rescue groups are a remarkable breed of humans.  They give so much of their time and money to provide a safe haven for homeless animals.  Now, they are giving a dog that's been a part of their family to virtual strangers.  To ensure that potential adopters will make good pet parents, they will require an application with references.  Many will conduct a home visit to ensure adequate facilities for a dog.  Think of what precautions you would take if the roles were reversed.

All in all, it would be easier to say why not adopt from a rescue group!

Now, onto today's Tuesday Tail.  The first rescue group I'd like to feature is Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas (MSRNT).  I've been a life-long lover of miniature schnauzers and have been Mom to six of them throughout my life.  My sweet, sweet Jason was adopted from MSRNT in 2005.

Of the dogs available on MSRNT's website, Duke caught my eye.  Here's a bit of info on him: 

Meet Duke, a friendly 4-year-old who arrived at MSRNT after being surrendered by his family. Like a bright summer day, this boy is full of sunshine and approaches life with enthusiasm. At 19 pounds, he’s a healthy, active little guy who is housetrained and makes a good impression on everyone he meets. If you’re looking for a spirited, lively, good-natured companion, look no further. Duke is your boy!"

Duke also has his own page with additional photos here.

I've seen quite a few listings with phrases like "surrendered by his family" or "surrendered out of necessity" lately.   I have to ask myself how dire the situation would have to be before I'd abandon one of my dogs.  If their situation is truly that dire, I feel very sorry for these families.  But I sometimes wonder when I see that the pet was surrendered to a kill shelter or when I see intake photos where the animal was in very rough shape.  Please share your thoughts on this subject. 

If you know of anyone who would be interested in meeting Duke, volunteering or able to make a donation, please have them contact MSRNT via their website, Facebook Page or email at

Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog Paws Wednesday - 25 Sep 2013

Well almost wordless...  Molly the Ball-Obsessed Monster's favorite toy is the purple ball (see post below).  I had them both immortalized in this painting done by the talented Shelley Brant - used with permission.

Blog Paws Wednesday - 18 Sep 2013

Blog Paws - Wordless Wednesday - September 18, 2013

I've Got Your Back

Meet The Family Part 1 - Angel

I'd like you to meet Angel.  Our Angel has been with us since December of 2004.  We adopted her from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue.  We think she was about three at that time.  That makes her a lovely older girl of about 12-13 as of this writing. 

I'm often asked what kind of dog she is.  The best I can offer is Spitz-mix.  I've read that the Spitz breed is somewhat aloof.  Angel is very aloof but there's something more.  She had a rough beginning.  From what her wonderful rescuers told us, Angel was abandoned on a local highway near a Chevron station.  She waited on the median for over a month for her owners to come back for her.  She had to be trapped to get her to safety.  (The first few months Angel lived with us, she used to sneak up on her food.)  Sadly, she's never gotten over her experiences.  Angel and Grandma are very bonded.  But in nine years, she's never fully warmed up to me.  She greets me with kisses every time I come home so I guess it's not a total loss - even if she ignores me five minutes later.

It makes me so angry that people can be so cruel to animals.  If  you don't want a pet, please don't get one.  Animals are not disposable toys.  They feel pain as well as joy.  They have a sense of humor and unfortunately can have a sense of despair.  They look to us for everything and are so grateful for anything.  Their love is a great gift and should be cherished.

 Enough from my soapbox for today.

Meet The Family Part 2 - Molly

Molly the Monster

She looks innocent, doesn't she?  Hah!  We adopted Molly from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue in March of 2009.  It's a day I'll never forget.  I should have turned around and taken her back before we even got home from the adopt-a-pet.  She was a wild woman in the car jumping from front seat to back.  When we got home, Molly decided she was going to let us all know who was boss and started humping everyone - including me.  The other dogs were in a total uproar.  No one would have anything to do with Molly the Monster.  That craziness lasted a few weeks until I was finally able to establish that yes, I was indeed the dominant member of this pack.  But Molly was second!  I took her to the vet to see if there were health issues that made her so hyper.  All clear there.  I took her to obedience class.  She was the most well-behaved dog in the class.  I had the canine version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I tried exercise.  It was like trying to walk a fish on the end of a hook.  I gave that up and decided she might like to chase a ball.  Those words should be etched on my tombstone.  Molly the Monster became Molly the Ball Obsessed Monster.  I have never seen such focused, single mindedness in my life.  If you're sitting, you should be throwing.  Laying the ball or toy at your feet isn't the end of it.  She gets vocal about the whole thing.  And once you reach for the ball, watch out.  She tries to grab it first.  The whole thing is really quite crazy.  Established play time has been the best means of keeping Molly under control.  I try to wear her out but it takes a lot!  Bailey has been great for Molly.  For some reason, Molly is very gentle and sweet with Bailey.  They'll play tug-of-war and Molly will just sit there and let Bailey pull away.  I think she even lets Bailey win on occasion.  Rick the Groomer (although he now has the title of K9 Cosmetologist on his business cards) has told me that Molly really is the biggest wimp of the pack.  Can a dog have Napoleonic Syndrome?   With all her bad traits, Molly is quite smart.  Her antics are a marvel that keeps us amazed.  To be perfectly honest, I still wish I had never seen her sweet face in March of 2009.  But I wouldn't trade her for anything now.

Meet The Family Part 3 - Bailey

Bailey came to live with us in August of 2009.  We believe she is a poodle / bichon mix that was rescued from a city shelter by Lost Paws Rescue of Texas.  Bless them for that as she surely was a diamond in the rough.  Bailey adds so much joy to our lives.  It kills me when I think that we initially returned her to the rescue. 

I became ill shortly after Bailey arrived.  The care for the five dogs landed on my 80+ year old mother.  She believed the five dogs were too much for her.  The day Angela came to pick Bailey up was awful.  It didn't get better.  As I recovered from my illness, we decided to try and get Bailey back.  The rescue wasn't keen on the idea at first but did finally agree.  My mom and I couldn't wait for the next weekend when we could pick her up.  I can't express enough how happy we are to have her and how grateful we are for every day that she's with us.
What's so special about Bailey?  She loves to sit on your lap then lay her head on your shoulder.  If I ever get a good video of this exchange, I'll post it.  She gets along with every dog in the house - even Molly the Monster.  In fact, they're good friends.  Bailey is one of those dogs who run to you if they know you're upset and just lean up against you to let you know they're there.  Whether it's a quick cuddle or a long play session, Bailey's on the spot.

Bailey has to be testament to the quality of dogs available in city shelters.  She has had no health issues in the four years we've had her.  Why do people buy animals when they could help save a precious life like our Bailey's?

Meet The Family Part 4 - Kelly

Kelly was adopted from Harbored Souls Rescue in April of 2012.  I had lost two schnauzers to illness within the previous six months.  But I couldn't see myself without one in our home.  I wasn't sure initially if Kelly was going to fit in.  She went crazy every time the other dogs played.  She also wouldn't make eye contact and wasn't really warming up to us.  Well, I played, hugged and tickled her until she finally gave in.  She still barks when the others play but now it's her special form of play.  She gets that happy look of ears back and eyes soft when she sees us.  Kelly's not a cuddler but does want to be near her family.  The rescue group guessed her to be around eight years old.  I have to wonder if she ever had much love and affection in her prior life.  I don't think she was abused - perhaps just neglected.  That's all behind her now as she's firmly rooted in our pack.  Don't you just love the ear thing she has going on?  That wasn't a special pose for the picture.  Her ears are naturally that way.

Meet The Family Part 5 - Muffin

We opened up our home to our 5th four-legged resident on December 28, 2012.  "Taffy" was listed as possibly being deaf, housebroken and around 12 years old.  Taffy soon became Muffin.  But it doesn't really matter what we call her because she is most certainly deaf.  What she's not is housebroken.  This is still the case eight months later.  It's been a challenge trying to train an older, deaf dog.  With all her imperfections, we've come to love her.  Here's a photo of Miss Muffin shortly after she came to live with us.  She and Rick, our groomer, have finally come to an understanding.  (The first time or two were a bit rough with her being expelled for misbehavior on one occasion.)  But she does clean up nicely as shown in the second picture of Muffin bonding with Grandma.