Friday, September 27, 2013

Meet The Family Part 4 - Kelly

Kelly was adopted from Harbored Souls Rescue in April of 2012.  I had lost two schnauzers to illness within the previous six months.  But I couldn't see myself without one in our home.  I wasn't sure initially if Kelly was going to fit in.  She went crazy every time the other dogs played.  She also wouldn't make eye contact and wasn't really warming up to us.  Well, I played, hugged and tickled her until she finally gave in.  She still barks when the others play but now it's her special form of play.  She gets that happy look of ears back and eyes soft when she sees us.  Kelly's not a cuddler but does want to be near her family.  The rescue group guessed her to be around eight years old.  I have to wonder if she ever had much love and affection in her prior life.  I don't think she was abused - perhaps just neglected.  That's all behind her now as she's firmly rooted in our pack.  Don't you just love the ear thing she has going on?  That wasn't a special pose for the picture.  Her ears are naturally that way.

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